Duloxetine Hcl EC Pellets Manufacturers

Pelcoat Formulation, a worldwide supplier of duloxetine HCl EC pellets manufacturers offers for your requirements of RND / Development quantities or commercials, supported the status of the merchandise. Duloxetine HCL EC is employed to treat anti-depressant. Enteric coatings are usually formulated with synthetic polymers that contain ionisable functional groups that provide the polymer water-soluble at a pH value. Duloxetine may be a well-known active substance with established efficacy and tolerability.

Pelcoat Formulation is into Manufacturing and supplies Pharmaceutical Pellets and Granules & Taste Masked Granules. With Separate R&D, Quality check (QC) and Production areas, Pelcoat Formulation are one among the most important Pharmaceutical Pellets Manufacturer in Hyderabad, India. Our factory is made as per FDA norms and is GMP certified.

Doxycycline HCL pellets+lactobacillus manufacturer in India


  • Highly Effective
  • Longer Period

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